Welcome to my Abstract World

As a daughter of Haiti, you can expect to experience Nature, Music, people and Carnival in my art. My culture is an essential part of my creative process while keeping my abstract obsession. Enjoy!


I remember being 5 years old and feeling free. Everything was beautiful to me. While in kindergarten, I loved to draw, paint, and do embroidery with the teachers. At home, I would find myself sewing my mother's leftover fabrics from her sewing room.

I decided to study childhood education and psychology as I got older. Then found myself reproducing my kindergarten creative experience with my little students. I remember the rewarding and joyous feeling of seeing them expressing themselves through collages and stencils.

Now I like to express myself on a canvas with different tools just like a child and its favorite toys. I want to relive and share with you these intense moments of joy through my art. As a daughter of Haiti, some of my inspirations you will encounter in my art are Nature, Music, and Carnival.